What We Do For YouEquipment


We have set up Advance Cutting facility with CNC PLASMA cutting machine (2 Nos) with dual touch station(Cutting table – 15.0m L x 4.5m W) and Hydraulic shear machines. In addition to these, we also have PLASMA Arc cutting system equipped with PUG machine.


Numerous NC Press Brake with NC back gauge is the main equipment utilized for most critical process of Bending for efficient output with precise dimensions in terms of size and capacity as per the requirements and excellent quality.


Hydraulic presses with 500MT & 300MT are the main force behind manufacturing doorframes for wind power turbines.


Punching machines are utilized as a substitute for drilling because this technology is more advanced topunch holes / capsule shape slots of various dimensions.


With a quality manpower consisting of Experienced / Qualified / Trained welding operators to achieve excellence in all types of welding process with hi-tech equipment such as Rectifier Machine, CO2 MIG Welding, and TIG/MIG/ARC TPS – 2700 (welding system especially for aluminum welding).


At Falsan, we have state-of-the-art facility for machining process comprising of Planning, Shaping, & Milling. In addition, we also have LMW make CNC Turning M/C.

Surface Preparation

We have set up excellent facilities for surface preparationWe have set up excellent facilities for surface preparation that takes care of Painting/Spray Galvanizing/hot dip galvanizing process with various types of protective coating..

Support services

Development of drawings on Auto CAD to support design.

  • Development of drawings on Auto CAD to support design
  • Documentation system in terms of Quality/EMS/OHSAS
  • Prototype development for R&D